…Fog engine (keep spark plugs until first time in spring, then change)
…Change lower unit with (90 Gear Lube)
…Remove prop and grease shaft – (Bearing Grease)
…Grease all zerk fittings (Waterproof Grease)
…Spray sight oil (WD-40) on piston shafts and steering arms
…Have “Service Man” change out gas filter(s)
…Drain and remaining water by raising and lowering engine fully
…Wash and wax

…Remove all fishing equipment
…Remove all LCD Fish Locators, and other items you might want to store inside
…Make sure batteries are full of “Distilled Water” (buy at grocery store)
…Make sure batteries are fully charged and “recharge monthly during storage” leave in boat
NOTE:…Battery connections must have by law covers to protect from spark
NOTE:…Boat must have throw life preserver in good condition
…Grease all battery terminals with (Dielectric Grease for Electrical Connections)
…Change out Fuel/Water filter if you have one
…Remove drain plug and make sure all water is out of boat
…Drain water out of Water Pressure Gauge if possible
…Fill tanks with “Ethanol Free” (Premium) gas and add Marine Fuel Stabilizer
…Clean carpet and  lockers 50% water and 50% vinegar
…Clean livewells with special soap, and rinse
…Vinyl coat seats if you want
…Put cheap scented dryer cloths in all compartments and holes in boat (keeps bugs and mice out)
…Put pieces of scrap wood, or ???? to keep lockers open so they vent and don’t cause mold
…Remove trolling motor prop, clean shaft and coat with (Bearing Grease)
…Cover boat

…Check air in tires to 50 psi
…Replace oil in hubs with new 50 weight racing oil
…Clean, check wiring, lights,  boat straps, hitch, etc.
…Check surge brakes and fill with DOT 3 Brake Fluid if necessary
Club meetings are held at 7:30 pm on the first and third Thursday of every month at Fox Run Lanes in Waukesha, except for On-The-Water Meetings, held the third Thursday of each month during the summer season on a local body of water.
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