On a sunny June afternoon in 1973 on Nagawicka Lake, Lunker's Unlimited became an idea in the back of the minds of two daydreaming anglers. It was to remain a dream for Joe Bucher and Jack Remus until the following winter. It was then they began sharing their idea and generating interest among their friends.

The first meeting was held in the basement of the Waukesha Savings and Loan, Mukwonago, Wisconsin. It was attended by 35 people. It was at this meeting that the decision was made that this would be an all-species club, and that all family members would be included. The club had begun to form character and take direction.

The club was officially named Lunker's Unlimited at the second meeting and officers were elected.
They were as follows:

President- Joe Bucher
Vice President- Skip Johnson
Secretary- Dennis Rennert
Treasurer- Ron Gerding

During the first year membership grew slowly, but in just a matter of two years, the membership roster had increased to 240 members.

Teaching and sharing the knowledge of fishing has come through several sources. We've had a chance to learn from the many guest speakers who have addressed the club. Of course, some of the most rewarding and informative presentations have been made by Lunker's Unlimited members themselves, sharing their own special techniques and methods for fishing success.

Lunker's Unlimited has always strived to be family oriented by involving all members of the family in all club functions. Men, women, and juniors all compete within their own divisions for awards presented each year at our annual awards banquet. Membership excellence is always recognized.

We accomplish our third goal by putting the knowledge acquired from meetings to work on the water in club outings. Our members have proved that armed with knowledge and confidence, they can be successful anglers, even on the hard fished lakes of Southeastern Wisconsin.

The membership of Lunker's Unlimited attend many meetings, read a lot of magazine articles on fishing, and buy as much new tackle and fishing equipment as their allowances permit. It seems too, that we spend many hours on the water instead of cutting the lawn, and painting the house. However, Lunker's Unlimited and its members still have the time to spend with the children of the future trying to keep them busy and off the streets. Over the years, every time a special project came up, it was the members of Lunker's Unlimited who were ready to step in and help. Our club is very proud of our many involvements, including:

Being one of the originating clubs in the Wisconsin Council of Sport Fishing
Working together with the DNR on the urban Fishing Clinics for Kids at Humboldt Park
Working with Kids On the Water & Smokey's Bait Shops, taking youth groups out for an evening of fishing and joyful picnics afterwards
Being an active sponsor for the Make A Wish Foundation
Working together with the DNR on the improvements of public usage of Southeastern Wisconsin lakes
Acting as a forerunner in awarding live release points in outings and tournaments
Encouraging catch and release since 1977
Establishing standards for club sponsored tournaments that have become rules and regulations for other tournaments in our area

Club meetings are held at 7:30 pm on the first and third Thursday of every month at Fox Run Lanes in Waukesha, except for On-The-Water Meetings, held the third Thursday of each month during the summer season on a local body of water.
Humboldt Park
Kids Fishing Clinic
Celebrated 40 years in 2014